CE Mark for predictive test for diabetic kidney disease

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (Proteomics International; ASX: PIQ), a pioneer in predictive diagnostics, announces it has secured CE Mark registration for PromarkerD (MS) as an IVD medical device (in vitro diagnostic). PromarkerD is the world-leading test for predicting the onset of diabetic kidney disease. PromarkerD was registered for use in the Europe Union (EU) as part of the company’s program of future asset registration.

The PromarkerD test system assesses the risk of diabetic kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabetes. Chronic kidney disease is one of the major complications arising from diabetes and if unchecked can lead to dialysis or kidney transplant. PromarkerD is a simple blood test that uses a unique protein ‘fingerprint’ to detect the onset of disease up to four years before clinical symptoms appear.

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