IP Protection

A comprehensive intellectual property protection program has been put in place to support the roll-out of PromarkerD.


The PromarkerD diabetic kidney disease test:

  • Patents secured in the USA1, Europe, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, Singapore, and Indonesia (covering a potential market size of over 254 million diabetics).
  • Patents pending in Hong Kong and India (covering a potential market size of over 77 million diabetics).


Exclusive licensing to a family of allied patents for the diagnosis of kidney damage has been secured. This provides immediate protection for the PromarkerD test in Europe, and extends PromarkerD’s patent protection in the US to include other forms of kidney disease.

This exclusive license has the potential to extend PromarkerD‘s clinical utility to include the prediction of any form of kidney disease. It also has the potential to enable PromarkerD to be used as an endpoint marker in clinical trials for any new drug.


“Promarker” is a registered trademark in Australia, the Dominican Republic, the European Union, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the USA. Registration is pending in China.

1. US 9,146,243 B2, “Method of assessing diabetic nephropathy using CD5 antigen-like”
* “PromarkerD (MS)” – the predictive diagnostic test for Diabetic Kidney Disease using Mass Spectrometry