Clinical Utility

PromarkerD’s accuracy and ability to predict the risk of developing diabetic kidney disease is beneficial to both physicians and people with diabetes.

For patients

  • PromarkerD means that patients can start to change their lifestyles and improve their health before there is any damage to their kidneys.
  • PromarkerD is accurate. This means that patients can use PromarkerD to monitor their progress in managing their risk factors of developing diabetic kidney disease.
  • PromarkerD helps physicians accurately diagnose kidney function level, ensuring that the patient’s treatment is suitable to their kidney function level.

For physicians

  • PromarkerD simplifies patient care for physicians by giving physicians accurate information to help manage and treat patients.
  • PromarkerD helps primary care physicians identify patients at-risk of developing diabetic kidney disease within the next for four years.
  • PromarkerD delivers a diagnosis of current kidney function.
  • PromarkerD helps physicians personalise patient treatment plans for their patients. PromarkerD’s prognostic ability helps physicians develop treatment plans based on predicted eGFR decline level.
  • PromarkerD helps physicians improve patient monitoring and management. Routine PromarkerD follow-up tests of patients at-risk of diabetic kidney disease helps physicians monitor the patients’ progress in managing their disease and risk factors.