The Problem

It is important to diagnose diabetic kidney disease early, as this allows the patient to take steps to protect their kidneys from more damage.

There is currently no other test for predicting the onset of diabetic kidney disease.

The current gold standard tests for diagnosing diabetic kidney disease are:

  • a urine test (measuring the albumin:creatinine ratio “ACR”)
  • a blood test (measuring serum creatinine which is used to estimate glomerular filtration rate “eGFR”)

The shortfalls of the current gold standard tests are:

  • The current tests can only detect diabetic kidney disease when there has already been damage to the kidneys.
  • The current tests are not always reliable.

PromarkerD – a new approach to managing diabetic kidney disease

In clinical studies, PromarkerD correctly predicted 86% of previously disease-free patients who went on to develop chronic kidney disease.

PromarkerD allows the patient to implement preventative measures before kidney damage occurs. This proactive and preventative approach to healthcare leads to better health outcomes for the patient and simplifies patient care for physicians.