PromarkerD Test System

PromarkerD Test System is a blood test that assess the risk of diabetic kidney disease (DKD) in patients with type 2 diabetes.

It is a simple blood test that measure a panel of three novel plasma biomarkers combined with 3 clinical factors.

How it Works

Plasma sample analysis to measure the concentration of a panel of three novel protein biomarkers (ApoA4, CD5L and IGFBP3).

The biomarker concentrations are combined with 3 clinical factors (age, HDL-cholesterol and eGFR) measured at the time of the test.

The combined raw data is submitted to the PromarkerD Hub, and a test report is generated.

The Biomarkers

The Promarker™ platform identified a panel of novel protein markers (biomarkers) that are significantly effective in diagnosing and predicting diabetic kidney disease. There biomarkers include ApoA4, CD5L and IGFBP3.  The ability of the biomarkers to diagnose and predict diabetic kidney disease has been studied and verified. In validated clinical studies, the PromarkerD test system predicted 86% of otherwise healthy diabetics who went on to develop DKD within four years.

PromarkerD Hub

PromarkerD Hub is a software tool that contains a proprietary algorithm used to calculate the risk of DKD.